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Villain Fox, the Bryan


Lead Vox

Villain Fox, the Chris


Bass, twerking

Villain Fox, me, Keith


Guitar, synth


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Hailing from northern New Jersey; Keith Rosenberg (Guitar/Synth), Chris Scacco (Bass) and Midwest export Bryan Van Veldhuizen (Vocals) are ready/itching to climb their way to the top.

Collectively bringing their musical tastes to the table, this vivacious quartet of young gentleman/scholars has spared no expense in striving towards melodic greatness. Fresh off the release of their début studio music sampler/EP, The Invitation/RSVP/Variations, Villain Fox is eager and excited to deliver their music to the masses.

Quickly adding a few notches to their music industry belts, Villain Fox is highly anticipating the return to their bright orange practice space known as “the Burrow” to continue expanding upon their fresh, sleek sound. “I just can’t wait to see what the future has in store. I’m ready play my bass and shake my tail!” says bass boss Chris Scacco.

Always hungry for more, the boys of Villain Fox are already planning to hit the studio once again in order to release their first full-length record. Album name and more news to come! So, keep your eyes keen and ears perked to catch Villain Fox everywhere music is sold, live at a venue near you, and bringing in the weekend on every dance floor.